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Cloud-Computing Made Simple

Many of my friends and family don’t really understand what it is I actually do, and if I am honest I didn’t think it was overly easy to explain to people outside of the CRM/CX world until recently. (Definitions: Customer Relationship Management and Customer eXperience)

For those that don’t know me, I am the Marketing and Events Manager at Enigen UK.  I am responsible for organising regular free conceptual seminars.  These seminars have guest speakers from the Customer Experience, Sales Performance and Social worlds.  I also do the Marketing and Social Media, which includes daily tweets, newsletters, and a Blog feature on our website.

Marketing CRM and CX concepts and tools aren’t always straight forward.  There can often be technical “jargon” associated with much of the content available.  This jargon isn’t always easy to understand, especially when you don’t have a technical background.  I am the office end user; my colleagues run things by me before it goes to a customer- with the attitude, if she understands anyone will!

This got me thinking…. What is the best way to explain Cloud Computing?

We are a population who use Apps.  Even my completely non-IT savvy Mother (please note she attended a course called ‘Computers for the Terrified’) uses Apps on her iPad and I recently played Scrabble on my iPad with my late 80’s Great Aunt.  These Apps are either:

  • Downloaded from the ‘Cloud’ to your device e.g. Banking Apps
  • Downloaded, stored or managed in the ‘Cloud’ e.g. Google Mail


N.B – Not literal fluffy white clouds BTW…..

Thousands of businesses run and create all kinds of Apps for their customer base.  These businesses however, require custom built CRM and CX Cloud-based Applications (Apps) to help ensure they are running efficiently and effectively, and to receive ROI on their investments.  These Cloud-Computing Applications include a huge selection of options to suit their business needs, from HR, Finance, and Procurement.

Cloud-Computing Applications are customisable for each individual business requirement, they save huge amounts of time and money, whilst also making huge improvements to the all-important CX.

Let’s take an everyday example:

1)      You log into your online grocery account wherever you are and on what ever device you have to hand. The results are the same whatever device you are using

2)      The information stored in your account is harvested and generated through Cloud-based applications, highlighting what you brought recently, what offers are available to you and things you may like to buy based on your shopping history.

3)      There is often a live-chat feature available to help with customer enquiries and complaints handling.

What are the business benefits to Cloud Computing?

  • Set up is quick – far quicker that traditional CRM
  • Multi-Tenant meaning they can be shared by multiple users
  • Lower costs because there is no Hardware and Software to configure and maintain
  • Much more secure, with automatic upgrades and performance enhancements
  • Being run in the cloud you don’t need to buy anything, you pay monthly – like magazine subscription
  • Save on IT resources so focus can be channeled to other projects and development

In a recent Oracle Applications Blog, “Job #1: Making Cloud Customers Successful” Apps Development EVP Steve Miranda made a clear proclamation about Oracle’s Cloud Applications:  “Buying best-in-class application services has helped us establish a strong presence in the cloud space.” Through the acquisitions we gained talented people, good ideas, and experience that “really bolstered our development efforts” and helped us learn how to manage our customers’ needs in terms of cloud deployments, upgrades and service level agreements.”

To find out more about the Oracle Cloud Applications that we support, contact and I hope you found the Blog interesting, feedback is most welcome.

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