Welcome To The Enigen Team!

At Enigen we are pleased to welcome Sundar Karumanchi to the Enigen Team as a ‘Fusion CRM Domain Architect.’

Sundar joins us from Oracle Fusion CRM product Development where he’s been leading the application development streams for a number of key features and functions over the past 6 years. He will be influential in our Sales Cloud practise, and will bring a wealth of knowledge in bringing together complex implementations.

Below I have asked Sundar some questions around his background, his thoughts around Oracle Sales Cloud and his reasons for joining Enigen…

1)      What attracted you to working at Enigen given that we are ‘slightly’ smaller than Oracle?

Well to be honest for me size does not matter, what matters is the quality of work. I felt Enigen, being an Oracle Gold Partner, are doing the right kind of work especially in the CRM space.

Working in a smaller organisation has different challenges associated with it, where you will be actively involved in every step of the process towards the Company’s growth; this in turn will help your growth without being confined to a specific role. I am really looking forward to this experience and I feel it is the right step at the right point of time in my career to explore different roles.

2)      You have worked within Product Development for over 7 years; tell me a bit about what you were doing?

I have been involved in the end-to-end development of various products, right from developing a product from the scratch, to enhancing a product by adding new features and integration of different products to meet various business requirements etc.

Prior to joining Enigen I was working in Oracle India as Senior Applications Engineer and was part of Oracle Fusion CRM Product Development team which developed Sales Predictor and Customer Centre for Oracle Sales Cloud. Untill recently I was part of the Release 8 development of Fuse (simplified UI). I was responsible for developing the “Household” module (including create/manage Households) which is a key new added feature for Release 8.

3)      What do enjoy most about being part of a Product Development Team, and what are you looking forward to about joining our consultancy team?

For me, the best part of being in product development was being able to solve some of the complex problems which arise during different stages of the product development life cycle. ​Be it data issues, Integration problems, platform compatibility issues, performance of the product measured against some key metrics. Each problem is unique in its own, and to be able to resolve them and to finally deliver a product gave me immense satisfaction.

As part of a Consultancy team at Enigen, I am looking forward to more Customer interaction and understanding various business requirements. As a Product developer you rarely interact directly with the customer. I think it would be a great challenge to be able to provide CRM solutions to different Customers and I definitely think my product development knowledge in the Fusion CRM will be come in handy.

4)      Over the years you have naturally seen Oracle’s Sales Cloud (formerly Fusion CRM) product develop considerably. What do you believe are the key functional benefits to the system that set it apart from its competitors?

Oracle Sales Cloud is the perfect CRM solution for both large and small scale businesses .The key benefit I think is the support for Extensibility. Oracle Sales Cloud allows users to easily customise and extend  parts of the application to suit their business needs, like changing the look and feel of a page, adding new fields and buttons where ever needed, customising reports etc.

Sales Predictor is also one of the key features of Oracle Sales Cloud. The Sales Predictor helps the sales representatives to focus on the right sales leads and closing more deals based on the historical data.

5)      Eloqua is a big part of Enigen’s recent investments in Oracle Products and its integration with Sales Cloud is a massive enhancement to the solution. What do you find most exciting about this acquisition and integration capability?

The exciting part of the acquisition is the addition of digital marketing automation that Eloqua brings to the table. Eloqua’s lead management and campaign management integration with Oracle Sales Cloud will help customers to expand their businesses by having a complete end-to-end marketing and sales solution.

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