WEBINAR: GDPR Winback for Financial Services

Date: 19th February 2019
Location: Online Webinar


Contact Name: Oscar Catling
Contact Telephone: +44 (0) 7824 515 871
Contact Email: oscar.catling@enigen.co.uk

Our GDPR Winback webinar for Financial Services sets out to explain how to rebuild your marketing database and identify new prospects in a post-GDPR landscape.

With all that happened over 2018, GDPR, the landmark privacy regulation around customer ownership of data might feel like an aeon ago. Yet many Financial Services & Insurance companies are still reeling from the impact the legislation has had on their customer databases.

Prior to the the regulation coming into action, a study by W8 Data found that up to 75% of customer data across marketing databases was uncompliant. Although the fear around customers choosing to opt-out en-masse wasn’t completely realised, many organisations have lost hefty chunks of their marketing databases.

In an industry that is already heavily regulated, Marketing leaders need secure methods of repopulating their databases and bringing on new customers without the fear of breaching regulations that can bring hefty fines and bad press.

That’s where we step in. Working with Oracle, Enigen have devised an industry-ready solution that is designed to identify new customer data and potential leads. Making this data available to market to – in a process designed to ‘win back’ much of what was lost during the furore of GDPR.

Sign up for this 30 minute Webinar today and learn how to rebuild your marketing database using practices and processes that are compliant-by-design and built on a privacy-first basis.


Enigen UK, working in partnership with

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10:00 am - 10:05 am
10:05 am - 10:30 am
GDPR Winback Solution with Solution Consultant Phil Boyden



Phil Boyden

Solution Consultant & OMC Lead

Phil Boyden is an experienced Consultant on Oracle's Marketing Cloud suite of Customer Experience Applications. Working with Enigen for a number of years across solution design, expertise, and implementation.

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